Tyytyväiset asiakkaat puhuvat puolestaan.


”DCW is a Team with an awesome attitude and excellent quality craftsmanship. They have great cooperation skills with other companies on-site and especially with us, the Client.It has been a pleasure working with you on these projects.”

– Ari Kokkonen, Hetzner


”They came, they saw – and they conquered. DC Works dominated the project work site with high quality and on-time installations, as they managed to become our go-to team for all installations and troubleshooting”

– Oliver Palmer, RoviSys BT


”We found collaboration with DC Works easy and flexible. Their employees had a great attitude. Everything was done according to the plan, and work quality fulfilled our criteria. We will absolutely be working together again in the future.”

– Mika Hulkki, Bitwise Oy