Optical fiber, network and IT installation

Within 5 years of starting DC Works, the company had made a good name for itself in four countries in Europe (Finland, Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden) – with always returning Clients purchasing knowhow for network-, IT- and optical fiber installations.

DC Works tools for network installations, optical fiber splicing and testing are world class. Our equipment is always well managed, certified and tested on regular basis. The knowhow behind the tools are the workers.

DC Works employs and trains its own optical fiber splicers and workers. We are well familiar with local requirements and standards regarding network works in Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and in the United States.

Services for network operators, service providers, data center operators and other critical infrastructure

  1. Optical fiber works (OM, SM, ribbons)
  2. Ethernet networks
  3. WiFi systems
  4. Switches, media converters, servers and other equipment
  5. Integrations within operating plants and in critical environment
  6. Network maintenance

Network services require strict working methods – which we apply throughout our operations.