Instrumentation installation

Instrumentation and small bore piping is an artform!

We have our own certified mechanical workers and pipe workers for small bore piping and process mechanical works. Our supervisors and workers are familiar with different pipe materials and types, different connector types and are able to adapt their knowhow to client process.

We have mostly worked with AISI316 (EN 1.4401) pipes and equivelant materials, but have also done special analyzation projects with interior glass-coated pipes and other challenging material.

Type of instrumentation and small bore piping works

  1. Industrial pressure measurements (PTs, PDTs, etc.), impulse pipes installed from process pipe unions to the field device manifolds  pressure tested
  2. Valve air line piping from process air supply manifolds
  3. Welding of impulse and measurement pipes
  4. Installation of complex subsystems, including regulators, valves, flexiple stainless steel hoses, cylinders chillers and other works
    • Analyzers
    • Sampler units
    • Sampling line installations