Industrial installations

All of the workers at DC Works have an extensive experience in the Industrial sector.

Specialized regulations in the Oil/gas, Power and manufacturing industry are well known. EX-area works, high works, critical live and operating facility works, etc. are a part our daily life.

DC Works has a very good track record in hectic turnaround projects and also a good reputation as a fast pace and quickly adaptive installation company in the industry. We specialize in a more challenging environment projects, such as oil refinery turnarounds and live critical data center integrations.

Below are some examples of delivered scope of supplies and services for the industrial sector.

1. Instrumentation and automation

  • Small bore piping and process connections
  • Transmitter, instrument and equipment installations
  • Signal cabling, field cabinet installations and connections
  • Cross-connection space works
  • Testing and commissioning
  • HART-communicator knowhow and testing capabilities

2. Electrification

  • S1 permits
  • Transformer secondary side connections
  • Distribution board installations and connections
  • Vsd/vfd installations, controls and parametrizarions
  • Motor and pump power supplies, field isolations, connections
  • Testing and commissioning

3. Additional services and third party system integration

  • Lighting fixture installations and lighting control (indoor and outdoor)
  • Emergency light installations
  • Fire system cabling and installations
  • Security systems, access and surveillance installations
  • HVAC installations
  • Gas and flue gas purification system inegration
  • Lightning protection systems installations
  • Trace heating installations

Previous significant industrial projects and clients

Lahti Energia, power plant
Neste Oyj, Naantali oil refinery
Neste Oyj, Porvoo oil refinery
AGA / Linde, Kilpilahti CO2 plant
Borealis Polymers, Kilpilahti factory
Valmet, Heinola Fluting paper mill, Finland
Valmet, Laakirchen Papier factory, Austria
Valmet SpA, Pro-Gest Mantua factory, Italy