Data Center Installation

Data center installation made easy! At DC Works, we have tailored our entire company structure (from grass-root level installations, to management, on to ownership) according to the needs of data center Clients and -engineering companies. Our portfolio currently holds several dozen of hyperscale data center projects.

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We have built a reputation as the ”Go-To-Guys” for all data center installation, controls and IT related works, issues and any problem solving.

In hyperscale data center environments, we often end up doing additional works for 60%-80% of the site trade contractors (TC’s), as we tend react ‘in a heartbeat’ and act proactively. Also, we can proudly say we carry the broadest knowhow regarding all scopes of work when it comes data centers, as automation is affiliated with all packages and all systems. In smaller data centers we have also operated as the main IT-/automation-/electrical contractor.

Below are some examples of our scope of supply we have completed in data center environments:


Site installation and services

1. Full automation installations

  • HVAC
  • Cooling systems
  • CIP
  • Electrical controls, PMS
  • Industrial automation

Larger projects have included Rockwell, Siemens, Honeywell, DNA, Schneider, etc. systems.

2. All automation integration

Additional stand-alone systems additions, usually several dozen within a project).

3.Full electrical installations

  • Motor and pum electrification and controls
  • VSD/VFD supply and controls
  • Distribution and electrical board/panel installations
  • Transformer secondary installations
  • Busbar installations
  • UPS installations
  • Lighting systems

Larger projects have included ABB, Vacon, Eaton, Katko, Teknoware, and other product knowhow

4. Optical fiber and all other network installations

Works completed by our own personnel (all levels of network installations has brought us to many project sites in several countries – with contiously returning customers)

Larger projects have included Corning NPI, Panduit systems, BlackBox systems, etc.

5. Instrumentation and small piping works

That are usually in our scope in industrial environments, have also been tagged to our works in data centers.

  • PTs and PDTs, valve air supplies, point measurements

6. Leak Detection

Material supply, installations, turnkey deliveries, tailored according to client’s preference.

7. Smoke Extract controls

  • Fire retardant installations
  • Damper and blower controls

8. Trace heating

9. Hot isle / cold isle

10. Rack and server installations

11. Pressure, temperature, viscosity, conductivity, and any other tailored measurement for systems and equipments have been passed to our scope of works, with successful deliveries.

Because of our broad knowhow and history in data centers, we are able to deliver from start to finish a complete data room for the client needs.

Starting from an empty room with only concrete completed – we can finish the works with a ready commissioned, over pressurized, fully automized, UPS and generator backed, busbar fed, fully ready network room with a hot isle cooling system and servers/racks hooked up to general cackbone network.


Design and Engineering

BIM Design and Electrical engineering

Large scale projects require precise coordination and exact measurements for installations.

While working in an environment with hundreds of contractors, and thousands of installers, it is clear that on-site installations need to be correctly coordinated between different parties – or in worst cases there will be clashes between different traits.

To solve this issue, we have our own BIM-design and BIM coordination team, ready to pre-design 3D models, position devices, containment and schedule installations to fit the general programme.

1. BIM Design, BIM coordination

We have our own personnel for BIM modelling and BIM coordination for projects.

Our engineers use Autocad, BIM360, Autocad Simulate, CADS / CADMATIC and other software to reach the Client goals.

  • Device layouts
  • Containment routes
  • Modelling
  • Panel positions
  • Naming and tagging
  • Scheduling
  • Issue tracking and issue resolutions
  • General coordination and timetable management

2. Electrical and automation designs

Our engineers are capable of doing on-site designs for electrical components, field device requirements, cabling sizing, signal and communication design, network system design and any required modification.

Engineers have on-site installations experience, so design changes have grassroot level functionality in mind.


Previous significant data center projects and clients

Rovisys BT, NDA, Finland
Jones Engineering, NDA, Finland
ASEE, NDA Finland
Rovisys BT, NDA, Netherlands
Dornan Engineering, NDA, Netherlands
Essex PLC, NDA, Netherlands
Jones Engineering, NDA, Netherlands
E&I Engineering, NDA, Netherlands
ASEE, NDA, Netherlands
ASEE, NDA, Belgium
Hetzner, Tuusula Finland


If you’re looking for a partner in data center installation projects, contact us. We tailor our services to meet your needs and requirements.