Engineering, Coordination Services and Maintenance

Engineering and Coordination Services

Our installation supervisors and project coordinators are world-class!

We can handle a project fitout coordination between different traits to reach a seamless cooperation on the grass-root level.


Our scope of works has included electrical, automation, BMS, HVAC, optical fiber + general network, fire and security, smoke extract, all levels of process controls and instrumentation.


We are capable of doing basic on-site engineering and some on-the-go engineering while working on the installations. We have on-site CAD personnel on our larger projects who can update designs if needed.


Our supervisors and site coordinators are experienced in any DC and industrial related installations. We have a good reputation for coordinating our works to fit the timetable with other traits and can manage our works flexibly. We are considered a trusted contractor on all the sites.


DC Works provides consulting and management for all installation projects we are involved in. Our site coordinators and project managers have on-site experience and can visualize the actual needs for our clients, which makes our company a reliable partner able to construct a credible scope of works.

Installation services

The bread and butter of the company.

Our versatile installers are capable to answer any need regarding instrumentation, automation, optical fibers or electrical installations.


We install, cable, connect and test all type of automation and process automation field devices.

Our workers are well skilled and have a detailed knowledge of the requirements for automation communication and can adapt to different environments such as Data Centers, Oil Refineries, Power Plants, Office Environments and others.


We provide all level of electrical installations from small lighting to large VFD controlled power supplies for pumps and motors.

Our electrical installers will cable, connect and test all installations in accordance with the local regulations and the Client standards.

All workers have a valid SFS 6002 -electrical safety works permit.


We do all levels of network installations and are capable to work with any equipment.

DC Works is a Corning NPI (Network Preferred Installers). We can offer the Corning 25 year extended warranty on our fiber optic installations.


We install electrical and control cabinets to any desired location. Our installers and testers are also capable of modifying any part of the cabinet/panel if there is any need for additions or structural changes.


We install ladder, tray, wire-tray and conduit cable containment. Our installers are familiar with several different manufacturers products. We are able to modify the installation methods to suit the current area needs for cable protection.

We can help you: Testing / commissioning / integrating / maintaining

Our testing personnel is very skilled and able to commission any devices with the Client to reach the optimal result.

In case of any third party design clashes or drawbacks in system integration, the team is able to troubleshoot any issues and report back to the Client with recommendations.


After the construction project handover, DC Works Finland aims to provide the customer with a full service regarding all electrical and control system maintenance – on project basis.

In our vision, any maintenance needs or system upgrades are done more easily with a local DCW team that is dedicated and familiar with the Client requirements.

Ask us for a quotation

We can offer you a fixed price or an hourly rate – as needed.