Our Story

The idea behind DC Works sprouted in 2014, when Marko Husu and Vesa Kolu had worked together on their third hyperscale data center.

The duo had until then mostly worked in traditional industry and process industry, such as power plants, paper factories and oil refineries – which were in Finland much more common than large scale data center campuses.

It was clear that the amount of information in the world is not going to decrease, but more likely to exponentially increase with no end in sight. All of this requires data centers, and these special type of hyperscale centers require their own dedicated group who understand the special circumstances and type of environment surrounding the projects.

With both of their background stemming from hectic and high pressure industrial installations, and both having the same technical oriented approach to projects, it was a good combination for these fast pace and challenging projects, in an interantional environment. As a result, Marko became the project manager and Vesa the field supervisor for DC Works first project, dividing and sharing key responsibilities.

Within the first year, DC Works successfully delivered it’s first full automation installation and electrical controls project in a hyperscale datacenter. From there on, the company has made a name for itself as a reliable partner for fast pace and challenging projects. in 2017, DC Works proved itself in the oil industry by providing Neste Oyj refineries in Naantali and Porvoo with automation and instrumentation services in stoppage / turaround projects. Since then, DC Works has stood firmly in two base sectors for services; industry and data centers.

By the 2020’s, the team had established itself in several key markets and yearly turnover growth became more sustained, even peaking at +60%/year. With the groundwork set and name recognition earned, DC Works looks to grow in the next decade into the European go-to company for all critical installations in demanding environments.